Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Defining the "why" of our story

These last two months I have had the pleasure and challenge of editing a memoir about the impact a pedophile priest had on the narrator from childhood into adulthood.  As I edit memoir, I realize how personal a journey this is and the courage it takes to put a life story on paper.

Then comes the next part - crafting and honing the story so that the "why" of our story becomes clear to the reader.  Often, new and even experienced writers begin the process of storytelling by "dumping" everything on the page. While this can be cathartic - my late husband, John, called it "scriptotherapy" - it can cloud the story.

I also urge writers to show rather than tell.  Having your character perform an action - from the way he simply takes off his wedding ring and places it on a table, rather than telling the reader he has given up on his marriage - is more powerful.  

In the coming weeks and months, I will share other writing techniques and tips.  I will also be posting "tidbits" of my memoir, AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT in hopes of attracting a following as my book nears publication. This is a very exciting time for me.  I have selected CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon, to publish my memoir.

In the meantime, continue to experience the joy of writing and let the words flow. Hope to see you at the Circle on April 10.
All the best to my sisters in the writing circle,

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