Sunday, March 14, 2010

Surprising voice

The March meeting of the Women's Writing Circle offered a chance to meet with other women writers in the Philadelphia area.

Lori read about her daughter. We loved her voice, her beautiful descriptions of  Lacey, who died at the age of 14. Lori's resilience as  mom and as a woman whose Christian faith has given her strength shines through her memoir.

Cindy, my good friend and fellow Inquirer reporter, read her beautiful piece about a young boy who climbs trees to feel free and escape the depression of his parents' home. Thank you, Cindy, for your support and your friendship.

Arleen read her story about Farmville; yes, all of you on Facebook know about that!  Arleen's fantastically gifted sense of humor shone through once again.

I read from my memoir, "Again In a Heartbeat."

Next month, our Circle meets same time, same place.  Please mark April 10th on your calendars. By then the dogwood should be blooming.  Welcome spring with your muse!

Thank you women writers.

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