Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stepping out of the Shadows

When a woman hides her true thoughts and feelings because she fears it might elicit a negative reaction, she buries her creative passion.  Such is the transformative power of memoir - casting aside the worry about judgment and putting truth in words.  Only then can a woman's creative spirit spring forth from the shadows.

No small task and hardly easy, but "a healing type of thing," as Becky said at today's read-around.  As Robyn said when she began reading, "This is a story of the heart . . ." Stories of the heart are a sacred gift that we tenderly unwrap and hold in the Circle. 

Today the window opened - a crack for some, and more for others - as to who we are. A woman's creative life can't be eroded when she steps out of the shadows and breaths in cool, clean air.  From there, the window can only be flung wide open.
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