Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lighting the Candle

Yesterday's read-around of the Circle was the biggest yet. We had eight writers come together for a memorable morning at Wellington Square.

The Circle begins with lighting a candle. As Mary Pierce Brosmer writes in her book, Women Writing for (a) Change:  A Guide for Creative Transformation, a lit candle symbolizes hospitality.  It also means that we have entered the Circle  - "stepped out of the ordinary into the charged space of creation."

I felt this energy yesterday as we read our "Ugly Me" essays, stories of vulnerable, hurtful moments in our lives.  This exercise helps with the tough work of "digging deep" - of  putting ourselves out there in memoir, rather than standing back in a detached way. It can also be healing. What we view as ordinary or unimportant are the very words that other women often long for and need to hear.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to announce that Mary Pierce Brosmer will facilitate a workshop with me, "The Art and Practice of Memoir" the weekend of October 15 and 16 at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Glenmoore, Chester County, Pennsylvania. This is an opportunity to commit to yourself and your writing.  I will post a separate page on this workshop in the coming days.

For more information about Mary or to obtain a copy of her beautifully written book, go to:

All the best to my Sisters in the Writing Circle.


D.M. SOLIS said...

Dear Susan,

So excited about your work. It's important and so generous, the way you are helping women honor their voyages and their stories! Wonderful. Thanks for all you're doing for the craft and for our collective development as writers, artists, and "Art Spirits." With great love,


Jan Backes said...

Thank you all for your acceptance of what was in my piece. It was fabulous to be valued in a group for precisely who I am.

Susan G. Weidener said...

Dear Diane,
I always like hearing from you. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I am so happy we are feeling the same way about helping women - and each other - find our voices and express our personal journey.

Susan G. Weidener said...

Dear Jan,
You should always be accepted for who you are.

Jan Backes said...

Flo and I would like to register for the workshop being held in October. We managed to misplace the paperwork. Could you please email it to us?
Thank you.

Susan G. Weidener said...

I am so happy you and Flo will be attending the memoir workshop. I will send you the information.