Monday, July 5, 2010

Women Having Their Say

I was talking to another writer last night.  He has a reading scheduled at a library next month. "Before I read, though, I want to start out by talking a little bit about why I wrote my memoir," he said.

It got me thinking about my own memoir, Again in a Heartbeat, which will be available in August.  Why did I write it and then press forward to publish these most intimate details of my life?  Because it came as naturally to me as breathing.  I wanted to share my life, my truth, in hopes it would resonate and that, together, we could form a community of storytelling.

It has become extremely gratifying to me to see how women are finally getting their due in a publishing world long dominated by men and discrimination against women writers.  The movement of women's writing groups - some of which I have listed on this web page - is testimony to women's voices gathering strength through the written - and printed - word. Through many avenues, including independent and self-publishing, literary journals and e-books, our stories are finding an audience.  Let's continue to support other writers in their desire to craft and publish stories . . .  as well as attending retreats and workshops, writing circles and critique groups.
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