Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finding the Gift in Ourselves

No one determines what stories can be told, but ourselves.  Inherent in writing is the dream of taking control of one's life. The woman who is able to write her life beyond conventional expectation has recognized a gift in herself. 

The stories and the emotions in today's read-around brought laughter and tears - and the exhilarating feeling that comes with risk taking and telling a true and entertaining story.  For aren't we all trying to connect?  Isn't that the joy of storytelling?  Entertainment, captivating our readers, our audience.  And at the same time showing our souls. The audience is you, me, us.

Whether it was about the broken friendship between two women, the longing to hear a mother say "I love you," the bittersweet joy of holding a first grandchild, or the anger at a husband's betrayal, the writing took  flight in this month's read-around, carrying with it a life of its own.

As Diane said, "There are little pieces of my heart I am afraid to open . . . but when we do, we feel better because we take away the power they hold."

Writing can also counterbalance the uncreative, mundane demands of life, help us get in touch with who we are and mine new perspective.  It is the divine connection with family, friends and others.  It is our legacy.

We talked about anger, often taboo in women's literature.  Women should not (cannot) be isolated from what men have always taken for granted . . . expressing aggression and anger in the narrative of their lives.  Women are not encouraged to be anything other than sexually attractive, appealing to men, passive and nurturing of their children . . . an accoutrement, an accessory.

The healing aspects of memoir are holistic and all-encompassing in a community of female writers sharing their lives, unscripted and in living color.  It is a tonic, a gift of good health.

We welcomed two new writers to the Circle, Becky and Susan. We missed Jan and Flo, who were unable to attend, but were with us in spirit.  We heard the exciting news that Pat has finished her memoir and found a publisher.

The Circle is a safety net.  No one is judged or turned away.  There are no expectations, only acceptance.  The gift of the read-around is in ourselves.  It's a celebration. 

Happy Holidays to my Sisters in the Writing Circle.



Unknown said...

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Susan G. Weidener said...

Davies, So glad you like this and perused the posts back this far. Sharing our work in community is truly a gift of generosity. Good luck with your future writing endeavors and welcome to the Circle.