Thursday, April 7, 2011

Celebrating Writing From Life

Life is good when you are preparing to enter a 48-hour window entirely devoted to exploring your creative life and shutting out distractions of the outside world.

As the weekend nears, I look forward to facilitating "Writing From Life," a retreat at Pendle Hill in Wallingford, Pennsylvania near Swarthmore College. 

I am thankful for the women who will be attending the retreat, dedicated as they are to memoir as a way of healing and sharing their stories in the Circle.  When you write the truth of your story . . . whether it be about your parents, your spouse, friends or lovers, you forgive yourself.  If you can, you  remove the "cellophane" and reveal yourself in the memoir.  

As women we are constantly bombarded with demands. "Coping" is "women's work" . . .  keeping house, making sure our children are on the right track, grocery shopping, ensuring the dog has had her dinner.  We are the glue.  

Which is why we owe it to ourselves to enter the world of writing and try and make sense of it all.  Our strength as women is reinforced by our writing, giving us the fortitude after a time of reflection  to return to what we must do. 

This weekend of gathering is intent on the spiritual; reaffirming and energizing. It is a time to focus on ourselves as women and on our creativity - without apology. I know that the women who are participating in Writing From Life will give me more than I could ever possibly give them. I celebrate writing with them.

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