Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Problem With Writing

The problem with writing. It is hard work. It means digging up stuff you didn't want to deal with anymore. You're tired.  If you could just pull back the covers, get out of bed . . .

She was an automaton, cynical, on autopilot. She vetoed the journey of enlightenment and self-awareness.  Why bother?  But wait.  Maybe if there were others to help  . . . a community of kindred spirits.

Writing is transformative.  Writing heals. Writing breaks the silence.  As we light the candle and open the Circle, we feel alchemy. Something magical is about to happen.

This morning at Wellington Square we read to each other the history of our writing lives. "Writing is a mirror in which I meet myself," Ginger wrote. 

"There is a lightness of spirit when I write," Pat wrote. "I explore my imagination."

We are finding our voice. 

Here's the rub. The outside world - worse, our family - would have us stay silent. You are too outspoken for a girl! The world doesn't need another book, a husband says.  Why are you writing, a daughter demands? What could you possibly have to to say, a son asks?

Writing is a ribbon of light weaving through murky water. It is a saunter on a warm summer day. It is a trek up a mountainside.   It is as necessary as the air we breathe.

As Trish said today, "I have a right to write."

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Anonymous said...

Writers and writing must not appear tortured. Writers must crawl on their hands and knees through tunnel-like passages searching for the right words and ideas. Writers can sit up straight, but they must bend their fingers to type on a keyboard. Writers must hold to a pencil or pen in their hands and then move them altogether. Writers must use all the right muscle groups to achieve a smooth, easy flow. Writers spill alot of letters on many sheets of paper. Writers must know that both the heart and the brain are muscles. Writers are sloppy. Writers get sleepy.