Saturday, November 19, 2011

Staying Connected Through Writing

Writing is an isolating endeavor.  How to break that and find connection with like-minded human beings?  Join a writing group.  The problem - writing groups in my area were few and far between.

I would start my own group as a way to connect and make this business of writing a little less lonely. What I didn't realize was that this would not be my group, but our group.

Today, as we celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Women's Writing Circle, we also celebrate camaraderie and friendships - an unexpected benefit. 

 t In a world that has become increasingly dehumanizing and where people are  glued to their cell phones or iPhones - isolation has intensified.  We are prisoners of technology. 

In the Circle, we rediscover  conversation and community.  Our stories are varied and rich.  We support and encourage each other. We hear  a human voice responding to the expression of being human.  A year ago I started a critique group.  This has also been a way to learn from each other.

To the women who have offered their voices, vulnerability and talents and have helped us stay connected as human beings. . . .  thank you. I feel blessed to have shared with you.


Edda said...

I always look forward to those special Saturday morns at our Women's Writing Circle. This past Saturday was no exception. I am transported to a new and special -- yes, even hazardous -- world. For a brief moment, I risk and share my vulnerabilities with strangers to determine if I have the talent and the voice to keep on writing. And if it resonates on the human level, then I say that our circle ROCKS!

Susan G. Weidener said...

Thanks, Edda.

I know what you mean about sharing your writing with strangers. It is a risk, but if you believe in your voice and your story, that's all that really matters, yes? Or at least that's where I find myself these days. I always know my writing will, if nothing else, spark conversation!

Jan Backes said...

I feel healed after spending time in Saturday's circle. Here it is Wednesday and I still feel charged. All the stuff that eats me up inside must be written about. To read it in the circle is a bonus I could only dream about. Now it is real. Thanks, all, for being there.

Susan G. Weidener said...


Thank you for your note. I am very happy for you! Putting our most difficult life experiences on paper is a supreme act of strength, courage and healthy self-love. Your comments offer encouragement and inspiration to others to consider doing the same. And, yes, our Circle is a supportive and caring place, an oasis in an impersonal world. Thank you for helping to make that caring atmosphere happen with your heartfelt writing.