Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Highlight of 2011 - Memoir Review

A review of my memoir ran in Philadelphia's City Suburban News in 2011.  It was a highlight for me this year.  Much of my writing is inspired by my hope to give women the courage and inspiration to write from the heart.

Local Author Tells Her Story in Again in a Heartbeat
By Edda R. Pitassi, Correspondent

In her critically acclaimed debut book Again in a Heartbeat...a memoir of love, loss, and dating again, Susan Weidener tells a romantic and realistic story of “meeting Prince Charming,” marriage, parenthood, and the tragic loss of her talented, vibrant, 47-year-old husband, John Cavalieri, to cancer.

Weidener wrote her memoir as a way of coming to terms not only with the
bitterness and resentment of losing her “touchstone”and hero but also to
find her way “as a single mother and middle-aged woman on my own.”

She begins to write a journal, nurtures two young sons, Alex and Daniel,
and boldly confronts her widowhood. She becomes attracted to other men,
dates again, and finds that other would-be princes “pale in comparison.”

Many readers of Again in a Heartbeat have commented on the author’s
honesty, resilience,and loyalty in the face of her seven-year ordeal
with John’s cancer and its effect on family and friends. “This book
touched my life and my heart,” says one reader. “I am grateful that you
shared your story,” says another. “I am devouring your memoir,” adds

Clearly, Weidener’s belief in the power of memoir has resonated with
readers and has brought her to another frontier. She founded the Women’s
Writing Circle in November 2009 “to inspire other women writers in
suburban Philadelphia.”

In sharing her knowledge of writing and publishing, the author sees
herself as a “writing coach” who encourages writers “to tell their
stories whether for publication or for themselves and their families.

“Everyone has a story to tell. Writing helps us tell that story and make
sense of our lives,”she maintains.

She praises the“wonderful” Wellington Square Bookshop in Exton, PA, where
aspiring writers meet on pre-arranged Saturday mornings “to break the
solitude of writing."

A native of Wayne, PA, Weidener was a reporter with The Philadelphia
from 1991 until 2007. She left journalism to try her skills at
a more creative form of writing, earning recognition as an experienced
book editor, facilitator of writing workshops, and media consultant. She
currently resides in Chester Springs, Pa.

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