Sunday, November 25, 2012

In Her Own Words - Edda

This month we featured women writers who spoke about the pain and joy of writing their stories and finding their "voice". Finding our voices means becoming empowered and energized.  It means connection, conversation and honoring each other's stories.  We conclude "In Her Own Words," celebrating the third anniversary of the Women's Writing Circle, with this from Edda Pitassi . . .  
"I constantly realize how multi-layered and creative life truly can be. I could never say or feel this a year or so ago.  But happenstance led me to a Sunday afternoon gathering at a local library where I heard Susan Weidener talk about her new memoir, Again In A Heartbeat. She read from it and then spoke a bit about the Women's Writing Circle.  Recently retired, I wanted something to 'retire to'.... not just 'retire from.' 

After attending a few read-arounds of the Circle at Wellington Square and a series of critique sessions, I was hooked. I am eternally grateful that Susan entrusted me with editing her subsequent memoir, Morning At Wellington Square. It brought Susan's story of renewal and purpose full circle.  I learned much from her words.
The Women's Writing Circle combines companionship in the company of unique women who share a variety of life experiences, but also a call to engage, an invitation to focus and question and dig deep. It adds liveliness to my life. It provides a substantial and upbeat rhythm to my routine.There have been tough moments, however. 
Digging deep means having to confront instances, memories, difficulties and experiences I had confined to a 'closet' long ago.  Finding my voice to share these long-ago happenings - and having them resonate with a group of strangers - meant a lot to me. 

When I found my ability to connect in a meaningful way and heard and saw fellow women writers find their way through their particular challenges, I understood how such connections and demands can bring their own rewards and give fresh meaning to doing something foolhardy, even dangerous. I've learned how difficult it can be to perceive, incorporate and express through writing something clever and amusing to soften some blow that life delivers.

There's wit and sharp observations and stories of the absurd. There's humor in the Circle and the opportunity to insure that we don't forget the importance of amusement and laughter in life and love.

The Women's Writing Circle has been a life raft thrown my way when I wasn't looking. I plan to hold on for dear life."




Patty said...

Edda, I echo your sentiment: "Finding my voice to share these long-ago happenings - and having them resonate with a group of strangers - meant a lot to me." Sharing our experiences means the women of the Circle don't remain strangers for long. I'm grateful for the warmth and compassion I've found there in you and the other women writers.

Unknown said...

Edda - Your reference to how mutil-layered and creative life can be really rings true for me! I feel like this is hopeful as we try to sort through our experiences in search of meaning and maybe even guidance on how to live now.

Candice said...


What I especially like about your take on the circle, is how we allow each other the space to remember our pains as well as our joys. These strangers have become friends and with each Saturday our chain becomes stronger. Thanks for your insightful words.

kathleen pooler said...

Dear Edda, What a beautiful testimony to The Circle and all it stands for--coming together to honor our stories and support one another in finding our own voices. I love the image of "softening life's blows" through our words.I'm thrilled we can stay connected online and can't wait to be back in "the Circle" again. I agree, Susan has gifted us all.