Monday, November 3, 2014

Feeling Kinship, We Celebrate Writing

Each of us is the Women's Writing Circle. Without the other, our community wouldn't exist as we explore the rich life that writing awakens.

The good news - we feel kinship even if only a couple hours a month, thanks to sharing our stories . . . stories that aren't always pretty; or maybe because they aren't pretty.

As we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Women's Writing Circle this weekend, I'm honored to offer you the following tributes from our wonderful writers. No more needs to be said except a huge and heartfelt thank you. This is the power and the joy of collaborating and sharing our creative lives and passions in community. ~ Susan

The Women's Writing Circle is a refreshing anything-goes type of group. No apologies allowed. We speak what we write because it feels safe to share. We connect first through our voices, but in the end it's our stories that unite us and make the Women's Writing Circle so unique. ~ Candice Swick

The Women’s Writing Circle has brought an unexpected dimension to my creative life for several years. The Circle has provided a safe setting for me to explore my writing after a hiatus of nearly forty years.  An elementary school teacher once described me as the most aesthetically-minded student she ever had. As the years progressed, I came to realize that what I had to offer was not necessarily valued by today’s society. Poetry was replaced by practicality and creativity was funneled elsewhere. Today as I prepare to turn sixty, I feel closer to the whimsically ponderous and aesthetic child I once was. I thank Susan and the Women’s Writing Circle for bringing me back. ~ Flo Shore

The Women's Writing Circle has a special spot in my heart. When I miss a monthly meeting, I am a little less alive, creatively fulfilled, whole. Yes, it's about the lovely ladies and their diverse stories. It's about the cozy room at Wellington and the steaming free coffee in the real mugs. Mostly though, it's about acceptance. It is my time to take a deep breath and celebrate who I am as a person and a writer. I know that I am not being judged. It's ok for me to share my deepest fears and evolving truths." ~ Diane Yannick

The WWC continues to be a life raft for me - a unique place for renewal, contemplation, listening and sharing. How fine to gather in an amazing, welcoming bookstore to hear women tell their stories, read their poems and discuss the rigors of the writing process. What is more amazing is that women have given their ear as I wrote about (and wept) over the loss of a dear cat. Where else could I write - and have a lively audience of women writers listen to my mid-winter story about a life-long love of reading? The WWC remains my own special piece of survival gear. Challenging. Nurturing. Accepting. Exciting. Funny. Fulfilling. Nostalgic. ~ Edda R. Pitassi

I’ve found a safe place to connect with like-minded women, gestate ideas, test drive my “voice” and cast off my sense of artistic isolation.

Our leader and founder Susan Weidener demonstrates patience and respect for each writer, however novice or seasoned. Over the past year, I’ve grown to respect and admire her as a sharp editor and a careful, insightful listener. Each session proves to be genuine and thought provoking—I’ve never departed without an idea or two to inject into my own work.  I feel fortunate to have found the Circle and be immersed in the creative process, if only for a few short hours each month. I’ve enjoyed the quick intimacy that we share as introspective women, who reflect on both the sacred and profane stories of our lives. In the bustle of life and all of its banality, I intend to carve out a space for the important work of tuning in to women’s storytelling, and reaping the benefits of inspiration and community it has bestowed upon my writing life.  ~ Marjory Cafone

In the few months I have been coming to the Women’s Writing Circle, I feel a sense of kinship to this beautiful group of women. Together we share our writing, using experiences and insight to celebrate the journey of life. The Circle has given me an opportunity to grow, empower myself and demand of myself to write well. ~ Doris D. Westermark

When I attend the Circle, I am lifted creatively and feel a completeness within. There, the human spirit prevails and an ethereal spirit swirls about the room. The atmosphere is like no other; magic and earthiness abound. The Women's Writing Circle is an outlet and a place for me to experience other women. Their trust and confidence is placed upon me and I somehow soar. Sometimes the sharing is quite deep and the content is tough. By the end of our gathering I am satisfied and my heart is again light. ~ Jan Backes

The Women's Writing Circle is a special community that presents a venue where women find their individual voice. Memories of past experiences are validated through the individual's writing. Everyone has a story to tell. In sharing our stories we give compassion and understanding to each other." ~ Maureen Barry

I feel blessed to be a part of the Women’s Writing Circle. When Susan and I met on LinkedIn in 2010 and I read about her Women’s Writing Circle, I visualized myself participating, even though it was many miles away. My dream came true and I have had the honor of being a part of the Circle since 2012. Susan has created a sacred space where the stories of our lives can be shared in safety and with the utmost respect. I am deeply grateful to the Circle for helping me claim and honor my voice and my story. Happy 5th Anniversary, Susan and wonderful members of the Circle! ~ Kathy Pooler

The Women's Writing Circle is a superb example of what humans (not just women) can do to inspire each other to tell their stories to help themselves and others live a better life and not just endure, but learn to thrive from the pain we all inevitably suffer in this life. In founding the Circle, Susan Weidener has made the contribution of a lifetime to human well-being. Thank you Susan. I can still feel the inspiration from my visit to the Circle in May 2013. ~ Boyd Lemon

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