Critique Group

When:  Critique will take place the last Saturday of the month from 9 to 11:30 a.m. when there is enough interest to meet.

Where: Location to be announced.

This is a confidential and small gathering of writers - no more than six and we can relax and spend time on honing and polishing our work, learning more about the craft of writing as well as gaining invaluable insight about our work through the process of critique.

Work is due by email to Susan no later than Thursday before the critique session for distribution to other writers. Work should be emailed to

There is a $20 fee due at the beginning of the critique session.  If you cannot cancel by Friday before critique, and your work has already been critiqued by Susan, the fee of $20 is still due. You will be sent the edited piece. The fee goes toward editing time and the Women's Writing Circle.

What to expect:

The purpose of the critique group is to offer friendly feedback, motivate you to stay on track, offer constructive criticism through written and spoken notations by the various readers, and provide professional writing techniques and tips.

 What is required of you:
  • A work in progress.
  • Each writer is allowed five pages or less of double-spaced work for review.
  • Writers should email their work to me in advance of the session and I will forward to the other readers.  
  • A marked and notated copy of each writer's submission can be printed off and brought by readers to the session. 
  • Each writer gets 20 minutes of critique and feedback with readers expressing what they liked, what worked, what didn't work.  
  • Readers will use the words "writer or author" not "you" when providing comment.
  • Writers will be critiqued in the order they arrive to the group.
  • I will open the group with introductions and intent of goodwill.
  • The group is limited to six people on a first come, first-served basis.
What women are saying about the critique group:

"When I first committed to participate in a critique group, I wasn't sure what to expect.  What I found was support for my work, along with helpful  suggestions as  to what worked and where I had to take a second look. The critique was handled in such a friendly atmosphere and professional manner that I wouldn't hesitate joining in again." Nancy Frank, Coatesville, PA  

"The critique group offered me thoughtful, constructive suggestions about my writing. The process allowed me to see what parts of my writing piece resonated with the reader and what parts left unanswered questions in the reader's mind. Because I'd lived the story, I expected the reader to be able to fill in too many blanks. Having other compassionate writers make suggestions and ask questions allowed me to begin my revision with increased clarity." Diane Yannick, West Chester, PA

"I find the critique session invaluable. This is a supportive -- not protective -- environment that takes a good, hard look--and listen--. " 

"I love the critique group because it allows us to re-examine and better understand our own writing process. The group is supportive, but honest. I appreciate getting an immediate audience reaction. It provides insight into how a reader may/may not like my work. Since my long term goal is publication, I love hearing what people would or would not care to read." Kimberly Ely, Downingtown, PA