Africa Writing Retreat and Safari: March 2020

Ever since I was twenty-one years old and boarded a Pan Am flight to London by myself, I have been captivated by travel and what seeing the world affords the writer. That first trip to Europe where I spent three weeks traveling through England with a Brit Rail pass was but a harbinger of the many other international adventures that I would embark on over the next forty years of my life, enriching and educating me. So it was with enthusiasm that I embraced an invitation to do what I most love—write and teach writing—combined with travel to, of all amazing places in the world, Africa.

Yes, I have been offered an opportunity to hold a writer's retreat in Africa and I am inviting you to join us. Sonia Marsh, an author and friend of mine who leads safaris to Africa, has a safari designed exclusively for writers and authors. Africa, with its exotic wildlife and the majestic Victoria Falls, will be the inspiration for a creative and imaginative writer's retreat. The one-week safari starts on 5th March 2020 in Johannesburg, South Africa and ends on 11th March 2020 at the Victoria Falls.

Sonia is leading the trip, while I will be conducting our writing sessions: Transformation Through Words, Wisdom and Insight. The group will be exclusive for twelve of us, including Sonia and myself. Friends and family are welcome to join us and make the dream of seeing Africa a reality. I’ve attached the flyer that Sonia prepared with the summary of activities, accommodations and more. Writers Retreat With Susan Weidener to Africa

For those who wish to extend their trip to other parts of Africa, such as Cape Town, or to see more wildlife, Sonia is available to answer questions, offer pre and post Safaris, arrange international flights, quotes for travel insurance, and explain more fully what the safari entails. 

This safari is priced competitively. Included in the cost of the safari are: flights in Africa, all accommodation on Bed and Breakfast basis, sightseeing and visits to museums and wildlife parks, together with welcome and farewell dinners, and, of course, the writing workshops.

Here are the details on when deposits and final payments are due:

The discounted per person sharing deposit is $1,649, due May 31, and the balance $2,350 for a total discounted per person sharing price of $3,999.

The discounted per person single deposit is $1,844, due May 31, and the balance $2,975 for a total per person single price of $4,819. 

Balance payments will be due 1st January 2020.

All payments through check or credit card should be made out to Holden Safaris, or by calling Sonia Marsh:
Sonia Marsh
Safari Consultant
Holden Safaris
1300 Bristol Street N., Suite 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Direct: 949-734-4660
Cell: 949-402-7828

If the trip does not fill by May 31st, all deposits will be refunded.
Please let me know if you are interested in joining this exclusive adventure. I can be contacted at  and Sonia at Sonia can answer your questions and explain the safari more fully, to those of you who are interested.

With gratitude,

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