Monday, January 11, 2010

A name change but all the same..

As some of you might know I left Tucson at the end of September to come back to the East Coast. I live in a beautiful place steeped in Revolutionary War history called the Brandywine Valley. Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, it is home to Andrew Wyeth, Longwood Gardens and Valley Forge National Historical Park. Here in the rolling hillsides 30 miles west of Philadelphia, Washington and the Continental Army spent the brutal winter of 1777.

In November I formed the Women's Writing Circle. The second Saturday of every month we meet in a lovely little bookshop right out of a Dickens novel - or for you Potter fans - Diagon Alley (although you don't enter it through the Leaky Cauldron but a winding, tree-lined road). Together we have shared the joy of the read-around.

I have been hard at work on my story, Again In a Heartbeat, about love, loss and dating again in middle age. Writing, as a friend said, is like lifting weights but no matter how exhausting and strenuous, we writers wouldn't have it any other way. So now on to the next leg of the journey. I have changed the name of this blog from Again In a Heartbeat to the Women's Writing Circle in hopes that we can connect and post and read each other's work in a supportive setting. Welcome and all the best to my sisters in the writing circle.

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