Thursday, March 4, 2010

A good copy edit

As you get ready to submit your work to a literary agent or editor, don't forget the importance of a good copy edit. It may sound obvious, but just a few run-on sentences, misplaced commas and misspellings can signal an amateur. The same is true if you plan on going the self-publishing route. Copy editing services for those who attend the Women's Writing Circle as well as line-by-line edits are offered at reasonable rates. Just ask.

Services are also available to write a query letter and synopsis. This month I'll be talking about how to keep the query down to three paragraphs. And I hope you enjoy the excerpt from my memoir, AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT. Please post comments or let me know your thoughts when we get together at Wellington Square Bookshop. See you on March 13.

Thanks and have a great day writing.

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