Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Art of the Reading

Belonging to a writers group offers invaluable opportunities to hone our reading skills in front of a live audience. 

A friend attended my first reading Monday night sponsored by a local writers group.  As I approached the podium and looked out toward an audience of strangers, I felt my stomach clench with nervousness.  Would they like my work? Would they laugh in the right places?  I took a deep breath and began.  After I finished, my friend suggested that next time I slow down . . . pausing after sections in the chapter would help the audience savor my story.  As a former journalist, my experience lent itself to anonymity.  I NEVER had to read in front of an audience.  The reading I participated in the other night was terrific practice for me.

As we move forward as authors, readings become an important marketing tool if we plan to publish. The Women's Writing Circle offers practice in the art of reading.  See you Saturday. I look forward to hearing your work and practicing my own skills.
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