Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Commitment to Ourselves

In foraging through all the stuff I have collected over the years about writing, I came upon "Tips for becoming a great writer." One in particular stood out: "Live the life you've been given at a deeply personal level."

It struck me that writing has always been my touchstone, going back to high school when I tapped away on a Smith Corona in the loft of my parents' home. Boy, was that hard work compared to the wonders of a laptop!

In my memoir, I write how the very act of writing saw me through some of the loneliest and darkest days of my life. That is why I feel committed to this new journey, the Women's Writing Circle. I am meeting others who are longing to live their lives at the most deeply personal level that they can and sharing that in a spirit of like-mindedness.

This work we do in the Circle isn’t about writing self-help or self-improvement how-to guides. It is about working on stories that come from deep within. These are the stories that wind their way along sometimes rocky terrain, offering up side trips of humor and irony, but eventually leading to cool waters of relief and rest. The Circle is a safe place, a place permitting total devotion to ourselves.

At this month's read-around I wrote about deferring to my sons and putting my desires on hold. As women, we are especially prone to nurture and caretake. Then one day we ask, "But when is it my time?" Another tip on that sheet: "Keep writing even when you can’t write."  There is no better time than now.

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