Sunday, July 18, 2010

Schedule for the Circle and Memoir Workshop

The Women's Writing Circle meets at 9 a.m. every second Saturday of the month at Wellington Square Bookshop, located in the Eagleview Town Center, Exton, PA 19341.  

Below is the schedule for the Circle for the next two months:

August 14
September 11

Due to "The Art and Practice of Memoir" workshop I am hosting with Mary Pierce Brosmer on October 15 and 16, the Circle will not meet in October.  Please see the information included on this website about the workshop, which is open both to men and women.  Bring a friend or friends and set aside this time to commit to yourself and your writing. 


Jan Backes said...

Hello Susan,
I believe I am ready to "set aside time to commit to myself and my writing." I am reading Mary Pierce Brosmer's book and looking forward to the workshop you and she will be leading in October. Thanks for the information that I had requested. It is so nice to be part of the circle.

Susan G. Weidener said...

Hi Jan,
So glad you are coming to the workshop, and that you are part of the Circle. Together, we can weave and explore our stories. I look forward to hearing more of your writing.

Jan Backes said...

I don't mean to be rude but if we are in a "Women's Circle" how can your workshop be open to both men and women? I don't understand.

Susan G. Weidener said...

Hi Jan,
Great question and not at all rude. The workshop is being sponsored by the Women's Writing Circle and features guest facilitator, Mary Pierce Brosmer. While the Saturday Circle read-arounds are only open to women, the workshop is for adults interested in pursuing memoir writing and/or finding their voices and nurturing their creativity through the power of the written word. Mary brings a host of skills that can benefit both men and women. Hope that makes sense.

Unknown said...

Dear Jan,
I'm so pleased to imagine you reading my book. I hope you like it.

Thank you.

I wanted to weigh in on the question of including men.
Susan and I struggled with whether or not to widen the invitation. I truly hope our decision doesn't prevent you from coming.

At the Cincinnati school, which is 19 years old---and that does make a difference, perhaps---we have one co-ed class, and we open our monthly "open house" samplers to men.

Very few men attend the samplers, and women who want to write without the presence of men can attend of our five all-women courses.

I suggested to Susan that you might register, and then if men register, she could call you and see if you want to change your mind.

The process is deeply feminine, consciously so, and I have found as much safety in the co-ed classes as in the all women's when I taught them.

Looking forward to meeting you and the women in your circle.