Thursday, September 23, 2010

Read-Around for the Circle

October is a busy month with our "Art and Practice of Memoir" workshop.  This is a chance to share and commit to our writing while learning techniques for how best to write our stories.  I would like to extend an invitation to everyone - men and women - to consider registering for the workshop. Information about the workshop is listed on the right. What better time than fall to enjoy the beauty of Chester County and come together as a community of writers?

Because of the workshop, there is no read-around in October.  Our next read-around will be held at Wellington Square Bookshop on Saturday, November 6 at 9 a.m.  Please share a piece of writing you have been working on and enjoy free coffee and tea at this charming bookstore.  Read-arounds are for women only.

I wanted to re-post something I wrote about the joy of the read-around for those who may not be familiar with it.

Aspiring writers - whether you are published or not - know that the greatest joy often comes with sharing your work with other writers. They - like no other - can offer feedback after your solitary journey of hand-to-hand combat with words, paragraphs, dialogue and plot. Does this work, you ask? Will this resonate with the reader? The read-around is a lovely exercise of reading aloud what you wrote in an intimate and supportive setting. We ask for "readback" lines, sentences that captivate or resonate with humor, poetry or sheer gut emotion. The read-around is our touchstone for more creative work to come.

Join us for the read-around of the Women's Writing Circle.
All the best, Susan

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