Saturday, January 15, 2011

Allowing Ourselves a Voice

One of the most amazing aspects of coming together in the Circle are the voices of women sharing their words and empowering each other through writing.

As women, we are often "silenced" by society.  A pattern emerges. A woman silences herself because she knows there is reprisal when she speaks plainly and openly.  Then comes the shaming message -  It is self-centered to talk about your pain, anger, grief. Others have it worse so how dare you complain?  

Although it is 2011, society continues to try and silence the feminine voice.  Many of the most outspoken women making headlines in the news - whether or not we agree with what they say - are roundly and contemptuously labeled by both sexes as shrews, haridans, witches.
Baby Boomers - my generation - are accused of being the most self-centered and narcissistic of generations. Yet there was a certain logic to our mantra, "let it all hang out."  Letting it all hang out was a way to escape our self-imposed prisons and embrace change.

Today's read-around was small and cozy. Harsh winter weather kept some away. Pat, Diane, Trish, Ellen and I settled in, lit the candle and started the read-around.

Susan on her deck in Chester Springs
From the work sprang conversation. We talked about whether or not to publish and how to pace our voice and speech patterns for public readings of our work.

We talked about writing as a way of healing.  We observe, we learn, we incorporate and process all of this in our own time  Then comes joy in accepting - finally! - our story is important. We have the right to tell it.

For in the end, all of us are chasing our demons, delving into the great mysteries of life, searching for the light and the fresh air.  We long for a community of souls to share our journey . . . we long to be heard.

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