Monday, February 21, 2011

Magical Day - A Writing Prompt

Do you remember a day you felt the magic?  Where everything was perfect or as close to perfect as it gets?

"It was one of those days where everything turned out right.  I felt the sun seep into my skin. I breathed in the dry Arizona air.  I turned the corner and saw her.  She dipped her toe in a "pool" of aquamarine and blue crystal stones  . . . they sparkled against her delicately sculpted foot like light on water.  Her vulnerability and beauty moved me, as much as a work of art, as her serenity, her acceptance . . . her other-worldliness. A bird flew by and landed on a mesquite tree in the sculpture garden. A voice whispered, "This is where you belong. This is what makes Susan happy." 
I  wonder . . . where is she now?  Does she grace a courtyard in Arizona?  Stand inside a mansion in California?  I wonder . . ."

I recently attended an all-day women's conference. The topic was how creativity immediately ignites the self-esteem of  impoverished and downtrodden girls and women.  Whether it was through painting or writing or sculpting a mask - magic happened.  Their depression and oppression lifted.  "There was a spontaneity, a sense of giddiness in the air," one woman recalled after a painting class. 

You don't have to be living in poverty to experience this.  You also don't have to live poverty to know how it feels when others demean you. When they refuse to acknowledge your creativity, your voice, because it threatens them. Women, especially, are often pushed down and judged.

As winter loosens its grip and ice slowly melts, warmer days beckon. With that comes another chapter, and, hopefully, a magical day. A magical day is the writing prompt for the March 12 read-around of the Women's Writing Circle. 

As you start writing, things you might want to consider:
  • Focus on one particular memory. 
  • Expand from there with details.  (Think of circles emanating from a stone tossed into water.)
  • Draw on an image of the day. 
  • Let the memory lead and embrace you. 
  • Believe in your voice. What is a voice? It is speaking from personal experience.  It is you sharing the truth of who you are.

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