Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let The Story Reveal Itself

One thing I have learned when writing a book. It takes time (not just effort and work) to let - to allow - a story to reveal itself.  While numerous options are out there to quickly publish and people are urging you to "get the book out," set up readings, "target" your market before you have even finished the first chapter  - the reality is this  . . .   writing is an art. 
Good writing conjures magic. The muse comes when you least expect her.  You can't demand her presence. 

So you have picked the "big" story to tell - stories of pain, tragedy, redemption, love, frustration, grief. Do you want an account of these events for family and friends?  Do you want to reach a wider audience?  If you chose the latter, do you need to write the story again from a greater distance?  Does the story need time to percolate?

You wait.  Meanwhile, you  keep writing, journaling.  You work on allowing your "voice" to be heard because you know to be afraid of revealing, afraid of disturbing others, diminishes the story. 

Believe me, I know the publishing business is falling to pieces.  These are incredibly exciting times for self-published authors and people are urging you "to get on with it." You want to bring your story to an audience.  But don't let your friends or anyone else tell you what to do.

Remember.  Writing is art.  There are no quick and easy paths to the finish line, unless you want to join the legions of hack writers.  Whether you go the traditional or self-publishing route, good writing is good writing.  Would you want to offer your readers anything less?   


D.M. SOLIS said...

Outstanding, Susan. This would be a great essay for all creative writing classes, both at the high school and college level. I hope you will continue to develop this and will consider teaching writing at the university level one day. Beyond that, I love the tone of this.

You have so much respect for the craft.

Thanks, peace,

Susan G. Weidener said...

Thank you, Diane. You are too kind.

I do love teaching what I know about writing . . . one of the reasons our Women's Writing Circle is so much fun for me. Together, we try to lighten the load, just enjoy the writing and not despair if publishing isn't immediately on the horizon.

Hope all is going well with your writing. Your blog is beautiful.