Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Journey - A Memoir Quilt

What would you take if you were packing for a special journey?  What would you make room for in your bag? Would it be a bird's feather, a velvet ribbon? A dried and pressed rose, a photograph of one you love? Would you leave room for sadness . . . for a song, for a memory, for lightness of heart? 

Diane and Ginger hold the memoir quilt.
Diane will pack her hand-sewn memoir quilt . . . and the sounds of the Circle. Creativity is messy.  Ice cream always helps.  Think for yourself.  Treasure true friends.  Breathe deeply. Everyone has a story

Colorful patches we can all live by.

As Diane faces a great challenge this week at Cleveland Clinic, she took with her a journal from Pat, brimming with hand-written quotes above the blank page; a book of poetry, penned and published by Emma; a hand-knitted scarlet scarf with silver stars from Beth;  and from me, an amethyst-colored stone from Mount Lemmon in Tucson. This is our "talking stone" that we hold when we read to each other.  Diane will keep the stone until she returns to the Circle next month. 

What would you take on your journey? I think I might like to take this feeling of intimacy. . . that like the threads and patches in Diane's quilt, we are all interwoven.

Safe travels, Diane.

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Pat said...

Our group of supportive, caring, women has provided a safe place to express what is truly in our hearts. How close we have become in a few short years.

Our prayers are with you, Diane. We will be with you in spirit.