Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Highlights From Mastering Writing

Courage, illumination, potent information, a powerful personal experience . . . words on soul/index cards left in the Circle from writers who participated in our Mastering Writing weekend workshop. 

Grilled cheese sandwiches and salads at Lion's Share in Exton as we broke for lunch on Saturday. Mushroom and pepperoni pizza at VIP in Chester Springs on a glowing October Indian Summer Sunday. 

Back to the inn for writing - the Fairfield Inn where the Brandywine/Lionville room was our home for the weekend.  Apple cider, lemonade, butter cookies and pretzels to chomp on while we wrote.  Many, many thanks to the Fairfield Inn for Continental breakfasts of Belgian waffles, yogurt, fruit and eggs, and 24-hour coffee.

"I brought a blank page, my soul and a few pieces of my work," Flo said.

"I brought a mind and spirit open to learning and sharing," Harriet wrote.

Critique on Saturday afternoon.  Painful, illuminating and constructive.

On another soul card . . . "I take away the knowledge that the human experience - especially of women - enriches, satisfies, fills some empty spaces."

Cindy and I wanted to foster a reverent space for writing - where we could step away from a world filled with noise and distractions and enter a place that allowed our writing to flourish and our voices to be heard.  Between instruction in the craft of writing and exploration of why we write, we all learned from each other.

I left our workshop feeling privileged to hear poetry, short stories, and excerpts of memoir from a diverse group of talented writers.  Thank  you for keeping the magic alive.



Jan Backes said...

Hi Susan and Cynthia--
Had the time of my life, aside from some minor discomfort. I feel that I learned some mastery. Haven't stopped writing since!

Susan G. Weidener said...

Hi Jan,

Hopefully, next time I can offer chairs that are a bit more comfortable! Glad to hear that you had a great time. I did too. Thank you for taking part and bringing so much to the group. It's terrific to hear the workshop jumpstarted the writing and it is still going strong.