Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Finding Stories in Photographs

My parents, Andrew and Gertrude, on their wedding day.
Is there a photograph that keeps you sane? Is it  a picture of a person, a house, a landscape with many-layered meaning? Your parents on their wedding day? 

Is it someone who taught you to love? Is it someone you do not want to become?

Photographs are invaluable touchstones to memory, and to who we are. Photographs serve as story starters. 

When you consider publishing, photographs create fascinating covers for your books.

For those just visiting this site or thinking about joining a community of writers, the Women's Writing Circle meets for two and a half hours every second Saturday of the month, except February and July.

We read our work in an informal, but grounded atmosphere of goodwill. We respect the grit and courage it takes to be a writer. We support each other in our creative pursuit to put pen to paper and write from the heart about issues that matter to women. The Circle offered me support and connection, encouraging me to finish my memoir, Again in a Heartbeat, about my late husband, John Cavalieri, pictured here during our summer at Martha's Vineyard.
John looking toward the ocean.

The Circle offers a place to express ourselves and explore our voices.  After each read-around, we emerge renewed.

All genres welcome, as are published and unpublished writers.

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