Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inner Monologue - Writing Prompt

June is here and with it comes the Circle read-around. As always, this is a chance to share our stories and become connected to our "neighbor." We read aloud.  We listen.  Once you have heard a woman's story, you can never be strangers again.

I am particularly excited about the June 9 read-around at Wellington Square since this offers women who have heard about our book collaboration project an opportunity to find out more and consider whether or not to participate. 

We are looking at an August 31 submission deadline.  I have included the link here for additional information on the project.

Now onto a writing prompt for our read-around.

A story becomes richer when the writer uses inner monologue.  It's almost like you're inside the mind of the character. It breaks down the emotional boundaries and the reader is offered insight into thoughts and motivations.  There is a psychological realism to the monologue. 

In memoir, the inner monologue is that of the narrator since the story is told through first person narrative.  In fiction, the writer can employ inner monologue with any number of characters to show various points of view.

Think about the character's "voice."   Do the thoughts fit the character's personality? This is showing, not telling.

Usually the inner monologue comes into play when the character is confronted with a decision, a realization, a memory.  In Catcher in the Rye the inner monologue was Holden Caulfield reflecting on everything going on in his life.  In my book, it was reflection on my husband, the love and the loss.

Write a piece using inner monologue to bring us closer into the character's world and thought process. Dig deep on this one.  And have fun! As always, if this does not suit, bring what your muse inspires.  For more information on the read-around:

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