Friday, January 4, 2013

About the Authors - A Series

Career - By Jane Choc
On Monday, January 7, the Women's Writing Circle begins an "About the Authors" series.  This features the women who contributed to our anthology, Slants of Light:  Stories and Poems From the Women's Writing Circle, which comes out this Spring.

The authors talk about what inspired them to write their stories and poems and how each - through this collaborative project - gained greater awareness about themselves, a woman's life, and the craft and alchemy of writing. 

This anthology reflects the scope and diversity of the women in the Women's Writing Circle, whose ages range from late 20s to early 70s, all lively and engaged, dedicated professionals and retirees, wives, single parents, widows, and divorcees, mothers and grandmothers.
The book includes five black and white interior drawings from illustrator Jane Choc, who also designed the book's cover.
The illustrations depict themes in our book:  relationships, childhood, career, motherhood and aging. 

In the Foreword to Slants of Light, I write:  I believe our stories and poems illustrate a courageous attempt to support and advance the woman’s voice within and that – individually and collectively – we contribute to our understanding of one another and the world around us. Together, we belong to one grand group working out through our writing the vital and universal themes of a woman’s many-faceted life.

I hope you enjoy the series and please feel free to join in the "conversation" by posting your comments to our authors.  Thank you. ~ Susan



Jan Backes said...

Susan, I couldn't agree more. It's like the anthology has a life of its own.
Am so proud and blessed to be part of it all There is such love and lasting sharing within the Circle. I feel that we speak for many women working through their lives through writing. It is both magical and mystical. Jan

Susan G. Weidener said...

Jan, I agree that the anthology has a "life of its own" and I believe our stories will resonate with generations before us, our generation, and the women who come after us. I am so proud of our women writers who have taken this leap of faith onto the blank page.

Candice said...

Hi Everyone-

Being a part of this project has been an empowering time in my life. It somehow feels bigger than just me or even bigger than our writing group. Our voices were born and they've been growing with great momentum. Thanks to Susan's organization and all of our dedication, our Anthology will make a difference. This moment has the power to free ourselves and inspire other women along the way. I'm honored to be included.

Edda said...

Happy New Year!

I've just finished reading a marvelous & timely (1/3/13) essay from The ForbesWomanFiles. Written by one Christine Kearney, President of DePaul University's Women's Network, her comments focused on the imminent Diane Sawyer/ABC group interview with the female representatives in the newly elected Congress.

An unfortunate tweet about "lots of (women's) voices resembling a "train wreck" led Kearney to opine: "The “many voices” comment comes from a deep place, an ingrained distrust of women speaking because women speaking is often associated with gossip and irrelevant talk—girl talk. Women in the academy―and virtually everywhere else―are still fighting for recognition and a voice. Let’s make sure that we aren’t fighting amongst ourselves for that recognition."

I'd like to think our anthology -- its spirit and its voices -- is being launched for many valid reasons as reflected in Kearney's post: "We really are all in this together. Please don’t silence the voices of your female colleagues before they’ve had a chance to speak."

Susan G. Weidener said...

Candice, I agree about feeling empowered . . . and I feel joyful at sharing our stories with others - men and women, alike, who may recognize themselves or someone they loved in our many and diverse stories. And, if in doing so, it helps them through a life event or offers a connection through a "universal" message, then, indeed we have done our jobs as writers!

Susan G. Weidener said...

Edda, I thank you for this comment. It highlights in many ways what this journey - this road of writing - and being a WOMAN writer - is like . . . fraught as it is with landmines and naysayers along the way who often discourage and belittle a woman's voice . . .her honesty and courage. Wishing only to silence us, but unable to do so.

LadyDi said...

..."the alchemy of words"--turning metal into gold. That, my friends, is what we help each other do. Pretty darn amazing!

kathleen pooler said...

What a great testimony to the power of women's voices. Writing the story behind the story adds a whole new dimension. I'm looking forward to the series as well as to reading your collaborative "work of art." Congratulations!

Susan G. Weidener said...

Thank you, Kathy, for your support and encouragement. We are very excited about the anthology. I am honored to be sharing this collaboration with so many fine and courageous writers. After a celebration today - Epiphany Sunday coincided with taking a group photo for the back of our book - we talked about how amazing this journey has been. And we are very much looking forward to meeting you in February to learn about journaling and discover new tools to write and tell our stories.