Thursday, July 11, 2013

When Wishes Come True

Here at the Women's Writing Circle our anthology, Slants of Light, is leading to new connections, new readers and as one author put it: "Taking the show on the road." 
This week the anthology authors joined a group of ladies at a local assisted living community and read stories and poems from Slants of Light.  The reading was one of several events and activities involving our book we have planned throughout the Philadelphia suburbs in the coming months.

Reading from "Slants of Light"

The rewards of reinforcing and supporting each other as writers are difficult to put into words. Our 15 collaborators had often talked about our wishes, our hopes and our dreams . . . letting our imaginations soar when we began talking about an anthology. 
That's when we began learning that anything is possible when kindred spirits join together to pursue their creative passions, their higher selves.  Including publishing a book . . . and then going out into the world with it.

As we read our stories at Villa Saint Martha I felt a gift had been handed to us.  Together, in a circle of women of many different generations, backgrounds and experiences, we shared the stories of our lives and heard the resonating note that this is indeed a universal journey we travel. 

There was laughter about biting into a bulb of garlic for the first time; poignancy in poetry of a bird soaring; memories of those who are no longer with us; friendships spanning decades.
Through writing we are able to put behind regrets, aging . . . reinventing ourselves and igniting our imaginations through a belief in our own truth.

Those of us who may feel lost, depressed or anxious appreciate the healing power of writing when we realize storytelling has made us more comfortable in our own skins.   

I understand this . . . especially today on my birthday, July 11, as I continue the journey through  my 6th decade here on earth.

The light - yes, a certain slant of light - enters a room when we reimagine ourselves and embrace our creativity. At the same time, that light touches our listeners and they become active participants in this dynamic process . . . sharing their stories and their lives as many of the beautiful women living at Villa St. Martha did with us. 

Here are a few things I have learned to make wishes come true:
  • Recognize each other's unique skills and honor that with gratitude
  • Create a new concept of yourself as worthy of being called an artist
  • Find and hone your voice as you take your work to the public
  • Believe in yourself and your divine gifts and you become stronger, healthier, more confident
  • Open yourself to self-discovery through the gift of learning from others


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