Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Forget the Lofty Perch and Write!

How do we hold back our writing? Beliefs hold us back. Those messages - spoken and unspoken in the family of what can be said and what can’t. The Inner Critic. We all know about that one! A lack of motivation and not setting intentions.  And then there is my favorite:  A view of life that there are only a few of those lofty perches out there.

Wise reminders from our Connect to the Creative Writer Within workshop led by Cathleen O'Connor who drove to Chester County from Westchester County, New York to lead us in a day of creativity, inspiration and fun.

How do we move forward with our work? Take action. Set your intention by practicing balance and boundaries.

Realize the difference between perfection and perfecting something. As Cathleen noted, there is a reason why Navajo weavers purposefully weave a mistake into their work – only God is perfect. (There is no "perfect" pen, no "perfect" desk, no "perfect" manuscript.)

Continual edits are a fear response. There comes a time when you have to release your work and say to yourself, "I'm ready. Stop."

Hold off on the "internal screening" and let it flow.  When we feel carefree, it opens our creative muse. Be receptive to a willingness to play with words and imagination.

Get rid of the competition inside and outside of your head.

And this quote from Rumi: "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. ...I'll meet you there."

For me, the day was an opportunity to collaborate with other writers, not just through collaborative writing exercises, but by sharing in a group. 

One of my favorite exercises started out with the writing prompt to create a character and dialogue with the opening words:  "I am guided by  . . ."  Then after 10 minutes of writing, we passed off to another person and let them finish the story. (Candice and I had great fun with this one!) The exercise teaches us to be attuned both to voice and collaboration.

This workshop reinforced that the gifts of writing are abundant.  (Interestingly in both of Cathleen workshops I've attended, I've drawn the "abundance" card from her wisdom deck of cards which she uses as prompts.)

Job well done, ladies!

A special note of thanks to the Holiday Inn Express in Exton, PA who provided the perfect room and dining room for our day, met all of our needs (even found us an unscented candle) and in general treated us with utmost hospitality and cordiality.

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