Monday, June 22, 2015

Romance Writer Michelle Dim-St. Pierre's Writing Advice

As part of WOW! (Women On Writing) blog tours featuring women authors, please welcome romance novelist Michelle Dim-St. Pierre to the Circle as she discusses writing and offers advice. ~ Susan

What's the most important advice I can give to anyone wanting to become a writer?  Write.

I am not trained as a writer; I don’t have a degree in writing. Yet being able to combine words in such a way to have greater meaning has always meant a lot to me. I love being able to convey stories from what happens in my life.

I’ve practiced. I’ve worked at it. I’ve kept with it over time. I love taking thoughts from my imagination and building a story around it. Here's an example from my book:
There, at the cemetery, I was one among thousands of individuals who came to say goodbye. I was one among thousands who thought they knew Ron. I was the only one there, among so many people, who knew that the envelope I was to deliver to Ron had never been accepted. Therefore, the woman next to me buried, with anger, the father of her child, and the little girl next to her buried the man who never knew he had a daughter. I buried the man who had strong arms, a man who never knew how much I wanted him to hold me tight. I buried my hero who I’d failed to tell.
We all have a unique story to tell. We all live through different experiences, different transitions that make us who we are. Those experiences can guide us to think in a unique way. And when we apply that innate talent into our writing, magic occurs.

Writing is a personalized and individualized experience. My life is different than yours. What works for me might not work for you.

What I’ve done that most don’t is chosen to become a writer. I’ve taken the steps necessary to share my stories with the world.

Yet that doesn’t make me better equipped for writing. It doesn’t give me exclusive rights at being a storyteller.

If you want to write, write. Choose to listen to the stories that are deep within. Listen to the passion that rises from what makes you, you. Tell the story you are meant to tell.

You can get help with the editing.

You can get help with the publishing.

But if you never start the process – if you never write – your story will never be told.

About the Author: A native of Israel and a medical professional, Michelle Dim-St. Pierre left her homeland for America to further her career in nursing, recently finding herself giving up her lifetime career to write her first novel,.

Pinnacle Lust is the first book of a trilogy. The story takes place in Israel, during Operation Desert Storm, about an illicit affair that leads to great love, betrayal, and an unregretful commitment. Sharon Lapidot, is a beautiful young nurse who falls deeper and deeper into an affair with a married doctor. Her world is shattered by powerful and eroding mistakes, but her courage leads her to an unregretful commitment in a land far from home. It is only eighteen years later when her daughter discovers that the man who raised her is not her biological father.

In explaining her career shift from nurse to writer, Dim-St. Pierre says, “The nurse in me is sealed in my heart–it is me. I believe that the right time to change careers is when you reach the pinnacle. In my case it was even better, my nursing career inspired me to write.”

How do you feel about writing? Does it take courage to start - and stick - to the process of writing every day? Your comments are most welcomed.

Michelle has graciously offered to give away either a trade paperback or ebook of Pinnacle Lust  to the winner of a random drawing from guest commenters.

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