Monday, January 14, 2019

The Writer's Task: Reimaging Possibility in the Year Ahead

Our writing prompt in the Women’s Writing Circle this month: She knows the task ahead. Ask yourself. What is the task? A minute, five hour a day? Just write. Over a month’s time, your voice, your style emerges. Magic. A map to meaning. A reimagining.

We all bring a certain mindset to our work based on past experiences, our upbringing. Our confessions and testimonials take shape on the blank page. We come to conclusions. What is right? What is ethical?  We make choices.

This—for lack of a better word—becomes our truth.

Reimagine possibility, no matter what happens.

I live in the garden. I just sleep in the house.

Writers are great lovers. They love to write, tell stories adding colorful details, read great books. This is how they find their authenticity, their voice. To quote Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones, find joy in your writing; "don't do battle with it."

Make this the year to focus, to commit, to write with intention, openness and expansion; learn to step out of the comfort zone and think about this—the world is not always how we thought it was or were taught to believe it was. Breathe in all that is around you, share stories with friends, test drive your voice, stand up for your own thoughts. Be assertive. Something unexpectedly wonderful might happen.... She knows the task ahead.

Prompts to get started on writing:
  • Write what most irritates you.
  • Write what haunts you.
  • Write what inspires you.
  • Give yourself an “artist's date” (to quote Julia Cameron) and write about what you did and where you went. 
  • Take a risk—travel by yourself, bike a new destination, study a new language—and write about it.
  • Write about an animal that you love.
  • Take a writing workshop and write about what you learned.
  • Do something to help another person and write how that feels.
  • Look at an old photograph of a family member and write about him or her.
  • Write about the day you decided to quit your job and what transition means.
  • Write why you want to focus on and prioritize your writing life.

    How about you? What is the task you have set for yourself this year? What are some of your favorite writing prompts?

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