Reviews — Morning at Wellington Square

"Morning at Wellington Square is a brave and beautiful book. By telling what is hers to tell without pretension, and with elegance, Ms. Weidener widens the field of possibilities for memoir writers across a spectrum of experience." ~ Mary Pierce Brosmer, Founder, Women Writing for (a) Change

"The lesson I took away from her book was this: if we are open to where life takes us, we make discoveries and we create a new life that opens out in its magic to offer us ways to live that we might never have discovered. In Morning at Wellington Square, we invest in the adventure of day-to-day living, discovery, and renewal." ~ Linda Joy Myers, founder, National Association of Memoir Writers

"Morning at Wellington Square is, in the author Susan Weidener's own words, "a story of a woman's quest to find passion, renewal and magic in her life." And I was so magically drawn into the story that I read it in two sittings." ~Madeline Sharples, author of Leaving the Hall Light On
"Morning at Wellington Square teaches readers that no matter how many heartaches we have, each of us has a "morning" in our future. Weidener found the address to hers, and we can too!" ~ Katherine Burns Sartori, author, The Chosen Shell

"At its heart, Morning at Wellington Square is a story of resilience and survival. Her journey helped me to see more clearly into my own. So go ahead, curl up with your kitty and a rich cup o' Joe and enter this woman's space. It's a journey of self-discovery that is sure to illuminate." Margie Clark, reader, Amazon reviews

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