Circle Read Arounds

Join us: Saturday, Sept. 21 for read around as we share the anticipation and challenge of creating new work and the commitment to the writing life.

September writing prompt:
Write about a vast expanse or a mythic ritual. Incorporate all the senses in your writing and remember to include the "universal takeaway" that brings the reader into the piece.

If this prompt does not suit, feel free to bring whatever your muse inspires.
Read around helps you discover your personal style of writing, gets your pen moving, and banishes those demons of self-doubt.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a new location for our Women's Writing Circle. We'll meet from 9:30 to noon in the conference room of SpringHill Suites Exton, 730 East Eagleview Blvd., Exton, PA 1934


Each writer gets 10 minutes. She may use this time however she pleases; to read or to read and get feedback on her work. The time may not exceed 10 minutes.

Please practice your reading before you come to the Circle. It helps those listening to your work and provides for more valuable feedback.

The Circle is a supportive place where we share our love of writing and our work in a spirit of camaraderie and goodwill. The read around is a lovely exercise of reading aloud what you wrote in an intimate setting while "test-driving" your voice and your work. We also discuss writing techniques and publishing options. For more information, contact Susan Weidener at: