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"Again in a Heartbeat: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Dating Again" covers the world of cancer from a different perspective. This heartbreaking memoir contains the intimate story of author Susan G. Weidener and her husband's battle with terminal cancer. Weidener explores several themes in her exquisite memoir, including love, loss and the circle of life. This thought-provoking and profound cancer memoir connects with those who lose precious moments and memories to this disease. ~ Best Cancer Memoirs for Encouragement

"I am writing this from home because I just could not wait to tell you how much I loved your memoir. It is beautifully and artfully written, poignant and honest. It has been a very long time since a story has moved me as much as yours has and I am grateful that you shared it." - Rosene Compaine, Community Relations Manager, Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

"High drama fills the pages of Susan Weidener's memoir of "love, loss, and dating again." This memoir tells a love story as tender as young girl's dream, filled with passion and tenderness. In fewer than 170 pages Weidener draws upon her writing expertise as a journalist to craft multi-sensory language that lifts the reader into the drama of the story.
With an uncensored pen, Weidener portrays the day-to-day dilemmas presented to her in the face of boundless love and true adversity. She exposes the reader to her experience of love in its many dimensions: strength and frailty, bravery and bravado, vulnerability and trust, beauty and pain, selfishness and generosity, loyalty and indifference, heartbreak and regret. Most of all, she portrays love's enormous risk—one that Susan says she would take "Again in a Heartbeat." - Story Circle Network Book Reviews

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I just finished reading your memoir and come away amazed at your courage. Courage, first for living it, and second for reliving it in writing. Thank you for sharing your story—it will play in my mind for a long, long time. Barbara Elliott, West Chester, PA

I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book. It's very good, very easy to read, and I read it very quickly. As a widow myself (my husband, Dick, died in 2009), your book sang to me. I particularly liked the line at the beginning, "the dream of meeting Prince Charming ...and then what to do when he makes a dramatic and tragic exit." And I also liked a line at the end, "John was irreplaceable"--that's exactly how I feel about Dick. He was special. And like you, I think all the time--will I ever find someone unique again, or was this it? Are we destined to have only one Soulmate--one great love of our life? Should we feel lucky/fortunate to have had that when so many people never do? I am on MATCH and PLENTY OF FISH--thinking of it as a "starting point," and putting myself out there--doing other things as well. I enjoyed your internet dating chapters! Linda Walkup, Elverson, PA

"I don't know where to start. I started reading this on vacation and couldn't put it down until I finished it. Susan's honesty and love for John--with all its warts and beautiful spots--shone through so wonderfully. I was so moved at his decision to discontinue dialysis... as a nurse, and as the child of someone who died of cancer, I have seen the battle go on far too long for many people. And yet everyone's battle is so unique -- and often caregivers (formal and informal) forget that family members are in just as much pain (albeit emotional rather than physical), just as angry, just as lost. The author's anger, despair, love, hope, frustration at being a single parent, and dating all came through in perfect harmony. This book touched my life, and my heart." Beth Dunham Toner, Elverson, PA

"I picked your memoir up to read at midnight and read it through the wee hours of the morning until I finished it, such was its ability to hold my attention. Susan, I enjoyed it very much. If I had to name only one thing that moved me (there were many), without hesitation it was your raw honesty. In particular your admission of the fact that you entertained sexual attractions or fantasies toward, if I recall correctly, two different men (one being the Episcopalian pastor) during John's illness. My first reaction at your open honesty was an "Oh"! Followed immediately and almost simultaneously by an admiration for your courage in admitting it. I wondered how many years it took you to understand it, to forgive yourself for it (if your soul demanded forgiveness), to embrace your humanity and let any self-recrimination to flow out and away from you. The epilogue was a perfect way to end your memoir. The analogy between the prickly pear cactus and yourself and what John saw and loved in the soul that was you moved me emotionally. It was good to be reminded that there are special people among us who enjoy the gift of true vision...the ability to see beyond the facade and to feast on the beauty that lies within. Well done, Susan. I would read your book again in a heartbeat." Kathi Siegel, Newark, OH

"I am devouring your memoir. I’ve just finished Chapter 13. Daniel has just been born. Your writing is so visual, I feel I’m present in the Bryn Mawr hospital room as you hold and admire your newborn. Your story is captivating. Sadness lingers in the back of my mind knowing what will happen in subsequent pages. Yet, I am energized by romance and the sweet parts of your life. You have truly engaged me with your storytelling and character building skills." - Marion Mitchell, Regional Representative, International Women's Writing Guild

"I just finished reading your love story. I really liked it. You have such a great way of putting your reader into the story, to me the most important aspect of writing. Can't wait to see where this takes you. I've got goosebumps." - Jan Backes, Plymouth Meeting, PA

"Susan, I am enjoying your book soooooo much. I read it each evening and am almost done. I feel your pain in your loss and can realize what it has been like for you to have lost someone like John. They are just not there these days. Cancer really does suck and it is always around us. I would love to see a picture of him some day and I would love to meet your sons. As John told you, you would go on. Women are very resilient. He saw your strength and you are strong." - Maureen Barry, Malvern, PA

"I read Again in a Heartbeat with the soul of a romantic and the eyes of a therapist. Ms. Weidener’s beautifully written work is a memoir of her husband, John, and their life together.

When Susan and John met it was love at first sight...the stuff of fairy tales. As Ms. Weidener describes their feelings for one another, I found myself cheering...finding a soul mate still happens to a lucky few. I was all set for a happy ending until real life intervened. Most couples face challenges along the way, but few are tested so early and severely. Could their love prevail against the formidable enemy of a life threatening illness?

Ms. Weidener doesn’t hold back on emotional honesty, nor about the rough patches they went through. Despite “loosing it” at times, they trusted each other enough to express their difficulty in coping with this destructive force - cancer - which invaded their lives. Most professionals realize there is more than one patient in a life threatening illness...the whole family suffers.

In “Again in a Heartbeat”Ms. Weidener has given therapists an excellent tool for opening up dialogue between couples coping with a serious illness. Perhaps by writing about their experience, Susan and John will spare others pain. - Elizabeth A. Madden, MSW, Chester Springs, PA