Workshops and Retreats

What women are saying about our workshops: "What a rewarding experience to attend a Women’s Writing Circle Workshop! It is an opportunity to learn how to expand our writing skills, surrounded by caring individuals who really want to listen to each of our efforts, and offer kind insights and encouragement. Thank You so much." ~ Charlotte
Women's Writing Circle workshops and retreats offer ways to stimulate narrative and storytelling through instruction and discussion.  The goal is to bring together a community of dedicated writers and provide inspiration and new writing by focusing on the craft and alchemy of writing. 

How to Create a Popular Blog: A Workshop Aug. 10, 2019

Childhood Memories: A Workshop Sept. 22 2018

Publishing Workshop: Traditional or Independent Publishing? Aug. 11, 2018

Memoir Workshop: Writing About Pain, Loss and Other Difficult Subjects - Sept. 30, 2017

Short Story/Flash Fiction - August 12, 2017

Voice Lessons - June 24, 2017

Writing Our Lives in Verse: A Poetry Workshop - Aug. 13, 2016

Writing From the Heart: A Memoir Workshop - February 14, 2015

Connecting to the Creative Writer Within - April 5, 2014

Love, Truth and Craft:  Writing a Memoir - October 19, 2013

What our writers said about Love, Truth and Craft.

Journaling Workshop:  A Voyage of Self-Discovery - February 2013

The Challenge:  Understanding Ourselves Through Writing

Read this interview about WWC workshops:

Susan G. Weidener received her MS in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and her BA in Literature from American University.  Throughout her career as writer and journalist, she has taught adult night school on how to pitch to news outlets, facilitated workshops on finding the compelling story that will appeal to donors of non-profits, and led a retreat for women writers seeking to find their voice through memoir.  She has been guest lecturer at universities and libraries on journalism and memoir writing.

What writers are saying about WWC memoir writing workshops:

"I came to the workshop with an idea. I am leaving with some tools to use and courage to continue with the project." Carol

"I came to learn about memoir, a type of writing I've not attempted. I took copious notes and learned a lot. This is a great way to express myself . . . I appreciated the excellent advice." Kathy

"Thank you. I learned that a memoir can be your voice. It is healing and helpful. Show don't tell." Arleen

"I brought openness and a desire to share and leaving with inspiration and a desire for more." Flo

"I enjoyed the critiquing experience for each individual, and I feel I benefited from each one." Rose

"The warmth of sharing our stories reminds me of getting motivated to write more even if it is painful." Candice

"I came into the circle very nervous and left with tons of confidence . . .loved hearing other peoples' stories."

"I came with a desire to learn more about memoir. I am leaving with inspiration to add more detail, more vulnerability to my writing." Shelby

"I came with hope and curiosity. I am leaving with more of each . . . and I am thankful for the others." Susan Genova

"I brought an open mind and an interest in what other folks had to say. I am taking with me the enjoyment of listening to the writing of others." Jan

"Memoir is a lesson learned that you can share with your reader. Your instructions are always valuable, but also your commitment to bringing together multiple and diverse voices creates a synergy that enriches all of us

Writing From Life Retreat - Women’s Writing Circle, March 2011
Pendle Hill, Swarthmore, PA

“I came to organize, edit, write.  I am going away with good feelings that what I wrote touched and inspired others.  Thank you for allowing us to do that.”  Pat

“I came with a fear of not being accepted.  I came away with acceptance and listening, heartfelt ears.”  Ellen

“I brought an open mind and a willingness to write and receive others’ writing.   I left so much richer for having tackled some benchmark life events.  I also feel that I made some personal connections that were very meaningful to me.”  Diane

“I brought new girl energy.  I am taking away two new works.”  Jill

“I brought my love of writing, reading and writers.  I am taking away a new direction for my story.”  Beth

“I was surprised people liked my story – with all the fiction, sex, et al.  Everyone was very supportive and kind – and funny.  I was worried my story wasn’t serious enough, but it was fine.” Paula

Mastering Writing Workshop - October 2011
Exton, PA

"Thank you, Susan and Cynthia, for a thought provoking, idea generating, information laden, supportive and altogether inspiring workshop. I had no idea what to expect. I got the unexpected, and it was good!  The workshop was exactly what I needed to get me from fantasy to commitment.

 A lot of ideas are percolating, and I have taken some steps already to establish a routine, keep “bits” logged and put writing time on my calendar."  Barbara 

"We loved our weekend and want to thank you for such an opportunity, Susan, to open and spread our wings in a safe environment. Writing is no longer the demon."   Jan

Read these highlights from our workshop:
Cynthia J. McGroarty, co-faciliator, and Susan G. Weidener