Guidelines For Guest Bloggers

The Women’s Writing Circle welcomes and appreciates writers who wish to share their words here in the Circle through the personal essay.

Criteria for essays:

Essays must be well written and submitted in Times New Roman font.

Essays should not exceed 900 words. 
Include author bio with website and contact information (separate from word length).

Include a photograph of the writer/author and his or her book covers, if applicable.

The following suggested topics are considered:

  • Memoir
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Writing Techniques and Tips
  • Finding Voice Through Writing
  • Suppression of Women’s Writing/Voice
  • Writing as a Way of Healing
  • Publishing:  Challenges and Changing Dynamics
  • Social Media: Challenges and Benefits

*The WWC reserves the right to edit guest posts. Essays must provide valuable information for readers.  Essays of a purely promotional nature or not considered suitable content for the purposes of this website will not be accepted.
If you are interested in writing a guest post, please contact Susan Weidener for more information at: 

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